Dress Rehearsal Schedule

Dress Rehearsal Line Up for Monday June 12th, 2017

1. Cinderella Ballet FULL CAST
2. Tuesday 4:00 & 6:15 Ballet/Jazz 7&8 Production-“Jet Set”
3. Tuesday 7:30 Tap 6-“Step in Time”
4. Sunday 3:45 Tap 5-“George M. Cohen”
5. All vocals a) Grace Lombardi-“How Lovely to be a Woman” b) Greg Drapkin-“I’m Not That Smart”
6. Fill-ins duo vocal – “I Dreamed a Dream”, Little Swans
Fillers (Classes/solos to be added if any back to back performances)

Dress Rehearsal Line up for Wednesday June 14th

1. Friday 4:00 Acro 1-“Better When I’m Dancing”
2. Monday 6:15 Broadway Tap 2-“It Don’t Mean a Thing”
3. Thursday 4:30 all guys Hip Hop-“Can’t Stop the Feeling”
4. Friday 5:00 Jazz Funk ½ -“Girlfriend”
5. Monday 4:00 Broadway Jazz 3-“At the Ballet”
6. Monday 5:30 Street Tap 2-“Ghostwriter”
7. Monday 6:15 Street Tap 3-“I Want You Back”
8. Monday 7:00 Broadway Jazz 2-“Friend Like Me”
9. Monday 4:00 Contemporary 2-“Believer”
10. Monday 4:45 Musical Theater/Jazz 2-“42nd Street”
11. Broadway Tap 3
12. Acro 2
13. Jazz Funk 3
14. Tap 4

15. Friday 6:30 Hip Hop 2-“Loose Control”
16. Wednesday 7:45 Pointe 1-“Hey Mickey”
17. Wednesday 4:00 Ballet/Jazz 3-“Ballet Militaire”
18. Saturday 2:15 SYTYCD Contemporary 2-“Skinny Love”
19. Saturday 3:15 SYTYCD Contemporary/Lyrical 1-“True Colors”
20. Monday 8:00 Contemporary 3-“Daredevil”
21. Sunday 10:30 Competitive Jazz 1-“Ghostbusters”
22. Saturday 1:15 SYTYCD Lyrical 2/3-“Old Days”
23. Thursday 4:00 Ballet/Jazz 4-“In the Navy”
24. Monday 7:15 Musical Th. Jazz 3-“The Best is yet to Come”
25. Hip Hop 3

26. Wednesday 5:15 Lyrical 2-“What the World Needs Now”
27. Monday 5:30 Broadway Jazz 1-“When I Grow Up”
28. Thursday 5:15 Ballet/Jazz 6 Production-“Proud Mary”

29. Wednesday 4:00 Jazz 3-“Run the World”
30. Sunday 12:15 Tap 3-“Show Off”
31. Saturday 12:15 SYTYCD Contemporary 3-“Take it Easy”
32. Wednesday 6:00 Contemporary Ballet 1/2-“Singing In The Rain”
33. Thursday 7:15 Competitive Jazz 2-“Me Too”
34. Wednesday 7:00 Glee Project-“Sit Down Your Rockin The Boat”
35. Sunday 3:15 Ballet/Jazz 5- “Hey Mambo!”

36. Thursday 8:00 Contemporary Ballet 3-“Space Oddity”
37. Sunday 5:15 Lyrical 4-“Hallelujah”
38. Thursday 6:30 Pointe 2-“Jewels”
39. Thursday 8:45 Competitive Jazz 3-“TGIF”
40. Tuesday 7:30 Tap 6-“Step in Time”
41. Sunday 3:45 Tap 5-“George M. Cohen”
42. Jazz 7 & 8 Production

Cinderella: ALL CAST

*** Classes listed below will rehearse at the studio in full costume, hair, and makeup.  Theater wings and cross backs will be in use to exactly mimic the stage. Parents are welcome to attend.

 – Sunday Tap 2
 – Sunday Lyrical 1
 – Sunday Princess Ballet
 – Wednesday Princess Ballet & All That Jazz
 – Wednesday Little Rock Stars
 – Friday Broadway Bound
 – Saturday Princess Ballet
 – Saturday Ballet Jazz 1
 – Saturday Ballet Jazz 2

Some notes:
-All must attend dress rehearsals
-Arrive at least 20 minutes before time slot

-All dancers should arrive with makeup applied and hair in a perfect bun with no bangs.
-Youngest dancers should arrive in costume. -Dancers will be directed to their designated dressing area.
-Dress rehearsal order is tentative. If there is a need to delay a particular class, another may rehearse before the time scheduled.
-Only 1 parent permitted at rehearsals.
-No men are permitted backstage at any time.
-Parents are responsible for dressing/ changing/ supervising, etc, all young dancers at dress rehearsals. Performances are fully chaperoned by volunteers.
-No food or drinks are allowed in the theater or lobby at any time.
-Dancers staying for many hours may bring clean foods and water into the cafeteria when time allows.
-No smoking on the grounds of this theater. -No videotaping or flash photography during dress rehearsal.
-No videos or photography of any kind during performances.
-Dancers are not permitted to leave the theater without a parent.
-When not on stage, dancers should be sitting in the audience with their parent.
-Dancers not in Cinderella can watch dress rehearsals with parental supervision.

-The dress rehearsals are not run in the order of the performances. Just a friendly reminder about dress rehearsal and performance etiquette: Audience members are not permitted to exit/enter the theatre while a dance is performing onstage. You must wait to exit/enter until after the dance is complete. No cell phones should be on during performances. Thank you!

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